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Arpin America Creates the Storage Solution That’s Right for You
Moving means coordinating multiple events including selling a home, travel, shipping vehicles and more. It’s not unusual for your belongings to get to your destination city first while you stay behind. Or you may need to move out of your current home before your new place is available for move-in. Let us help you manage all of your moving and storage details with a plan that works for you.

We offer short or long-term storage in our climate-regulated warehouses in Dallas, Houston and Connecticut. We can also store most of your belongings after we deliver your necessities to a self-storage unit or your temporary residence. Just tell your Arpin America Move Coordinator your living situation.

Common Storage Situations

  • a few days or weeks while you travel to your new city
  • a few months while your new home is being built
  • a year or more while living in a foreign country

Your Private Storage Container

Your belongings are safe and secure in a locked, private container in our warehouse. The container and each crate inside it is labeled with your name and the date, then entered into our warehouse inventory for tracking.

All over-sized furniture and specialty storage items (motorcycles, canoes, etc) are stored in their natural upright position to prevent settling and damage. Furniture pieces are wrapped in paper pads then shrink-wrapped to protect them from dust and moisture. Like the large wooden crates, each item is labeled with your name and date and placed into our warehouse inventory.

If you need your belongings stored outside of our three locations, we’ll arrange for storage with a reputable, similarly equipped Arpin Van Lines agent.

Arpin America Warehouses Offer

  • Climate-regulated storage
  • Climate-controlled spaces for high-value artwork*
  • Fire and police alarm surveillance
  • Gated yard*

*some locations