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We know it’s a challenge when moving from one location to another isn’t seamless. We offer one of the best Storage Unit for Relocation in Dallas. We can store all your items for as long as you need it, so you can transition to your next home or office without the hassle of moving twice.

Our Secure Warehouses Take the Stress Out of Storage

We understand that sometimes moving requires coordinating multiple events including selling a home, travel, shipping vehicles and more. And even more importantly, you might not be able to smoothly transition from one location to the other. This is where storage can be a great option for that transitionary period.
We offer the best, short or long term Storage Unit for Relocation in Dallas, Houston, and Connecticut. We can also store most of your belongings after we deliver your necessities to a self-storage unit or your temporary residence. Just let us know your specific needs, and our Relocation Coordinators will handle the rest.

Common Storage Situations

A few days or weeks while you travel to your new city
A few months while your new home is being built
A year or more while living in a foreign country

How Our Private Storage Container System Works

Your belongings are safe and secure in a locked, private container in our warehouse. The container and each crate inside is labeled with your name and the date, and then we enter it into our warehouse inventory for tracking.
All over-sized furniture and specialty storage items (motorcycles, canoes, etc.) are stored in their natural upright position to prevent settling and damage. Furniture pieces are wrapped in paper pads then shrink-wrapped to protect them from dust and moisture. Like the large wooden crates, each item is labeled with your name and date and placed into our warehouse.
If you need your belongings stored outside of our three major locations, we’ll arrange for storage with a reputable, similarly equipped Arpin Van Lines agent.


Arpin America offers a variety of storage solutions to meet your needs, including residential storage, commercial storage, and climate-controlled storage options. Whether you're looking to store household items, office furniture, or sensitive materials, we have you covered.
Yes, our storage facility is equipped with state-of-the-art security measures, including surveillance cameras, access control systems, and security personnel. Your belongings are safe and secure with us.
The minimum storage duration may vary depending on the type of storage you require. Please contact our team for specific information regarding your storage needs.

Let Us Store Your Belongings While You Transition

At Arpin America we know that you want to safely and securely store your furniture and belongings when you are in between homes or offices. In order to do that, you need storage space that can keep your items from getting crushed and away from environmental damage.
The problem is coordinating the transition from moving out of your home or office to storage and back out again can be challenging which makes you feel nervous that items may get damaged in the process. We believe storage solutions should take all factors into consideration, and we understand furniture needs to be wrapped securely and personal items need to be crated before they enter our container system.

To get started with our storage solutions

Give us a call and tell us about the various transitions of your move.
We’ll coordinate getting your items to the storage facility and get everything packed and crated.
We’ll securely monitor and take care of your belongings until it’s time to get them delivered to your new location.

So, give us a call, and we’ll handle the details of your storage needs, and you can stop feeling nervous about storing your belongings and instead feel rest assured during your moving transition.