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We Do Packing Right
Moving boxes

Crystal and stemware. Gym equipment. Bedroom furniture. Toy dinosaurs. Our experienced crews know how to wrap and pack all of your belongings properly for safe arrival at your destination.

Before our team shows up on packing day, you and your Arpin America Move Coordinator will review your household belongings. When the packing crew arrives they’re armed with the packing paper, moving pads and boxes they’ll need – even specialty wardrobe and mirror boxes. As we pack, we number all boxes and provide you with an inventory of the contents and condition.

Less Stress for Your Family – And Ours
Moving is hard work – for you and the crew. After 8 hours most everyone has hit their limit of patience and concentration. So we don’t believe in 10-14 hour days. We plan your move with the appropriate crew size and realistic timelines. While a local apartment or small house move may be packed and moved the same day, most home moves take a full day to pack. Our veteran movers come back fresh the next day to load the truck carefully before heading to your destination.

Prepare for Your Packing Crew

  • Bring all items down from attic
  • Take pictures of high value items
  • Gather all valuables to hand carry
  • Pack and clearly label a “first-night” box with shower curtain, towels, sheets, toiletries, coffee maker, alarm clock – whatever you’ll need to be comfortable the first night/morning in your new home
  • Dust/hose off outdoor items like grills and outdoor furniture as these will be going on the same truck as your boxes and indoor furniture
  • Schedule authorized service technicians to disconnect appliances or have your Arpin America Move Coordinator arrange for these services