Delivery & Unpacking

Call Arpin America when you’re ready to make your move. 866-406-8220

Say Hello Again to Your Driver

The same driver who supervised the moving crew at your old home will give you a call 24-hours before he arrives (or longer if you request it). He’ll meet you at your destination with another quality crew to unload your belongings into each room according to your instructions.

Arpin America crews are careful to protect your flooring and walls as we bring furniture and boxes inside. We’ll unwrap furniture and the end of the day, we’ll remove all the pads, unpacked boxes, paper and any other moving debris.

Tips for a Smooth Delivery

  • Tape a sign to each door to identify it as “Master Bedroom”, “Playroom”, “Study”, etc. to help your crew find the right rooms quickly
  • Have at least 2 people available if possible – 1 to mark items off the inventory and note any condition issues, and 1 to direct the movers inside the house
  • Have your crew unpack any high value or fragile items to check the condition
  • Be prepared to pay your driver by check or credit card