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Jul 2014

Moving with Pets

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We’ve all heard the expression “the dog days of summer”. It dates back to Roman times & refers to roughly the first week of July thru the second week of August.

Coincidentally it also winds up being the busiest time of the year in the moving industry. Busy because kids are in the middle of their summer break & it presents an ideal time to move. But lets not forget about our other kids- our fur babies!

Moving with pets can be especially stressful for them. Maybe you don’t realize it but they know something’s up from the minute your home goes on the market.

The seemingly endless parade of Realtors, potential buyers, & inspectors in & out of your home is their first tip-off.

Planning on packing yourself? When moving with pets the appearance of boxes combined with familiar things being moved around like that cozy chair that Kirby & Hoover used to curl up on when you weren’t home is unsettling for them- cats & dogs alike. When you think about it, aren’t we all creatures of habit? So are your pets.

Start by letting them check all the new smells out coming into the house. Cardboard boxes, paper, & tape all have a distinct, albeit subtle odor.  As you start packing boxes be sure to leave a familiar area for them as a retreat in all the commotion.

If you’re planning on having your mover pack here’s a few things to consider:

Boxes Everywhere! What a fun place for a cat to hide, except its no fun for kitty. They’re probably afraid & going to hide- just hopefully not in one of them.

When moving with pets it’s a good idea to select one room in the house as a “safe zone” for your animals so they don’t get neglected or lost in the confusion. Moving day means doors are open while the crew is loading the van. We don’t want anyone to run off & risk an accident.

Simply leave a note on the door to use caution as animals are inside. Surround them with their favorite blanket or toy, fresh water & maybe a treat or two. Voila! Everyone is happy.

Movers love dogs, just be sure to ask the crew if they are comfortable meeting your pets at the beginning of the day!

Now don’t forget moving with pets is equally overwhelming in your new home. It’s a whole new place for your pets to adjust to. Let them slowly check it out before the mover arrives. If you have the opportunity to get there ahead of time bring a blanket with their scent to help with the transition & make them feel at home.

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